Grantmaking Focus Areas

The Woodruff Foundation welcomes grant requests from tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, whose work addresses behavioral health through the following focus areas:

· treatment

· education and prevention

· coordination of resources in the community

· research

· advocacy

The Foundation will consider requests for support of capital and/or program expenses, but because of the challenges associated with the COVID-19 virus, it will also, for the remainder of 2020, consider requests for general operating support from past grantees whose core mission aligns with the Woodruff Foundation’s interests in behavioral health. The Foundation does not consider requests for endowment, scholarships, fellowships, annual fund-raising campaigns, or general solicitations for funds. Grants will generally be awarded on a one-year basis. The Woodruff Foundation’s general policy is to make only one grant per year directly to an organization. The Foundation does, however, encourage collaboration and partnership among its grantees. The Foundation will consider joint requests from partner agencies, even if one of the partner agencies has already received a grant individually or plans to submit a separate request.